PSS Annual Letter and AGM Agenda

Dear PSS Members,

Wishing all our PSS members safe and healthy during the still ongoing global pandemic. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, PSS engaged in many activities in 2021. We look forward to further lifting of restrictions with the success of the vaccination programme and your continued participation in upcoming PSS events.

PSS Highlights for Year 2021:

  1. PSS supported the organization of the Graduates’ Academic Progress in Pharmacology (GAPP) Meeting 2021 held via Zoom on March 31, 2021, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
  2. PSS supported the organization of the 7th Congress of the Asian College of Neuropsycho-pharmaco­­­logy (AsCNP) held October 22-23, 2021, as a virtual Congress hosted from Singapore.
  3. PSS supported the organization of the 14th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Federation of Pharmacologists (APFP2021) held November 26-29, 2021, in Taipei, Taiwan.
  4. PSS supported the International Conference on Drug Discovery and Translational Medicine 2021 (ICDDTM’21) held on 8-9 December 2021.
  5. PSS supported the organization of a School for the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) and the Asian Pacific Neurochemistry Society (ASPN) held December 9-10, 2021, as a virtual School hosted from Singapore.

PSS Planned Activities in Year 2022:

  1. PSS Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on March 30 2022 (Wednesday) 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM (via ZOOM).
  2. PSS Excellence Awards in Pharmacology Education and Research will be awarded.
  3. PSS Student Conference/Travel Scholarship 2022 will be announced.
  4. PSS supports the IUPHAR Pharmacology Education Project.
  5. PSS supports the organization of the School for the Asian Pacific Neurochemistry Society (ASPN) to be held in June 2023 in Singapore.
  6. PSS supports the organization of the 19th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (WCP2023) to be held on 2-7 July 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.


  1. PSS-AGM March 30, 2022 (Wednesday) between 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM via Zoom. Please come and join us in the Annual General Meeting.
  2. PSS Membership 2022 RenewalMembership Form attached – please renew membership.

With Warmest Regards for a Safe and Healthy Year 2022,

Gavin Dawe, BSc (Hons), PhD, MMPHE
President, Pharmacological Society of Singapore