Dr Tee Wee-Wei Seminar

Tee Wee Wei

Dr Tee Wee-Wei, PhD,
New York Stem Cell Foundation,
Druckenmiller Fellow,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
NYU School of Medicine,
New York, USA.

Date: Monday, 31 August, 2015
Time: 10:00 am –11:00 am
Venue: MD1-08-03E
Chairperson: A/Prof. Gavin Dawe

A chromatin perspective to development and disease.
Transcription factors and epigenetic organization form the frontline mechanisms underlying differential gene activity in development and disease. Notably, recent genome-sequencing efforts have uncovered mutations in a large cohort of chromatin regulators causally implicated in various neurological disorders and malignancies, providing important insights into human disease etiologies. In this talk, I will describe how my initial pursuit of the signaling principles in embryonic stem cells (ESCs) led me to uncover peculiar aspects of developmental gene regulation, involving the interplay between promoter DNA topology and chromatin factors such as PRC2. These findings not only redefine the chromatin context facilitating PRC2 recruitment at such critically important developmental genes in ESCs, but also further set the rationale to investigate how DNA topology can exert a profound impact on epigenetic mechanisms, and how it may go awry in cancer and other developmental disorders.